Our Story

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide exposure for local artists, and help art lovers connect and celebrate their passion for creativity. We provide access to quality, hand-designed, solid-wood frames for prices that new artists can afford and interior designers will enjoy. In our shop, we create a custom design for your art pieces, whether it’s best fitted with a mat, printed on canvas, or set in glass. We pride ourselves in personalized service and strive to exceed your expectations on quality.

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Our Growth

We opened our first framing business, ‘Frame My Art’ in Newport Beach. In early 2015, we acquired another large Costa Mesa frame company called Best Framing, which has been providing custom framing service to the community for over 20 years. We are honored to continue the Best Framing legacy while upholding our Frame My Art mission. Now we operate both Frame My Art and Best Framing out of the same location, where you can custom frame your art pieces with our Best Framing designers, or select an affordable open-back framing option from the Frame My Art line. We also continue to offer work space for active artists looking for an inspirational “away from home” environment. Come see what we have to offer.

Our Owner

Medi Bendanna, the owner of Best Framing and Frame My Art, has been an active member of the art and frame industry since 1999. His experience in wholesale and retail aspects of the art business, combined with his passion for creative design have emerged into a dedication to connecting a grass-roots collective of artists with the low-cost benefits of wholesale manufacturing. Over the years, his network has evolved into a unique business dynamic that continues to spawn imagination and expertise. We welcome you to become a part of this progressive movement.

Medi Bendanna