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Bent Edge Plexi Shields

Bent Plexi Shields

Bent Edge Plexi Shields

Our Bent Edge Plexi Shields are the perfect solution where a sturdy shield is required for safety concerns.  We include 2 L-brackets with each bent edge shield we make.  These brackets are screwed onto the shield with pre-drilled holes and can be mounted using adhesive such as velcro strips or VHB tape, or it can also be screwed into a surface.  We custom manufacture all of our shields out of 1/4″ thick acrylic* and can make bent shields to fit a space of up to 48 in x 88 in leaving 4 inch bends on each side. Our shields offer a high-end professional look as opposed to the thinner 1/8 in. plexi offered by other companies.  Fill out the form below and one of our sales associates will get back to you with a quote and help place your order.  Typical turn-around time for our plexi shields is 2-5 days with current volume.  This may change as supplies become scarce due to soaring demand so order today.

Plexi shield

    *Our Plexi Shields are made from 48×96 clear acrylic sheets .188″-.210″ thick.
    We use both extruded and cast acrylic sheets.