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Print On Demand – Eric Vallely Photography

Print On Demand – Eric Vallely Photography 150 150 Best Framing


We are happy to introduce our POD(Print on Demand) Gallery.  We love our local community of artists and as an attempt to help our artist friends reach a broader audience we have decided to add what we are calling the “POD”.  This unique art purchasing experience is perfect for art lovers who want beautiful art work at just the right size.  Interior designers will also benefit greatly from our curated collections, making it much easier to fill a space with artwork. We will be showcasing local artists and have their artwork available to be printed on demand.  Come see what we have curated and take home a custom piece of art. Choose from our selection of artists and their work.

UV Printing

UV Printing 150 150 Best Framing



We love our UV printer here at Best Framing.  UV printing is a great option when you want to print on an unusual surface.  We stock several substrates that are great for UV printing. We stock Clear Acrylic/Plexiglas, 1/2 inch baltic birch plywood, and white aluminum that has a PVC core also known as Dibond.  These are our standard materials, however if you have a unique idea for an art creation or some signage then bring in your material you would like ust to print on and as long as it is pretty flat most likely we can print on it. We love unique and challenging projects.  We have printed on leather, ceramic tiles, barnwood, chalkboard, whiteboard, even a welcome mat.  So you see our UV printer can create some pretty amazing things.  Bring your next creative project to us and we will help you bring your vision to reality.

Laser Cutter

Laser Cutter 150 150 Best Framing



We design custom CAD files for the laser cutter from customer artwork or original artwork that we design in house.  After cutting the acrylic we then print color on the back of the acrylic giving it that color appearance.  This gives our customers the option to have any color acrylic they want instead of relying on the few colors available in colored sheets of acrylic.